Upcycling - 10 of the Best!

Upcycling - 10 of the Best 


This got me thinking about some of the best, most creative ways we can recycle or upcycle. You might have seen beer bottles which have been turned into glasses, they have been quite popular as presents over the last couple of years. Here are 10 of the best examples we have come across.

1) Not entirely sure how comfortable this chair would be but it certainly looks the part. I think the first thing i would do is add a very substantial cushion.

cd chair

2) Who doesn’t like batman? Made from recycled drinks cans this piece of upcycling would look good in any boys bedroom or man cave

recycled batan

3) Cookies! Nom nom nom. Never once have I thought about upcycling Pringles cans but having had a look at these cookie containers I can see some homemade cookies by the other half ending up as Christmas presents. I think it is fair to say that this is not the most complicated upcycling but that is kind of the point. Most will have had an empty pringles tube at some point and just thrown it out with the weekly rubbish. Upcycling should, and hopefully does make you think twice about items you might have otherwise discarded.

 pringles 3

4) How about this for a statement hanging shelf! A Piano on the wall! Saying that out loud has earned a few puzzled looks until I twist my monitor around.



5) Maybe not one for the masses but if you happen to have an old washing machine lying around why not upcycle it and give it a new lease of life with this funky light.

 washming machine light

6) If you’re like my other half and you like the house smelling of something other than MAN smell then this next upcycle should do the trick. The other half likes nothing more than going shopping and bringing back some sort of smelly thing to reflect the time of year. Flowers in Summer, Spiced apple and cinnamon in winter. This clever homemade reed diffuser shows just how easy it is to make your own smelly concoction. Simply find yourself a glass bottle which has been thoroughly cleaned and add some essential oil, rubbing alcohol and any other little things like cinnamon and citrus peel. 


7)      If your house is anything like ours there will probably be a wine bottle or two in our bi-weekly recycling box. This ‘green’ idea gives you a use for those left over corks. Simply hollow it out, add a little soil and you have a very miniature planter.

cork planter

8)      The next example is a radiator bike, now I know what you might be thinking…actually I don’t, but I am thinking what a ludicrous idea! Having changed many a radiator in my time (1) I can tell you those things are pretty weighty – especially the old ones. Maybe this is just used for the wow factor and not actually ridden on. It’s a real eye turner but imagine having to lift it over something, it would break your back.

radiator bike

9)      At first glance you might look at this and think it is just a birdhouse. On a second glance you can see that this is a pretty special birdhouse made out of books. As books are not known for their waterproof properties we can only assume that this is decorative but it is another example of great upcycling.

bird house

At number 10 is something so chic and stylish that it had to go in. This super oil drum chair has obviously had a lot of love and taken up countless hours but boy does it show. This is one classy chair.