5 ways to upcycle a tin can

5 Ways to Upcycle a Tin Can


It is incredible how much you can transform an old tin can into something beautiful with just a scrap of fabric and some spray paint. Tins are everyday household items, usually getting thrown straight into the bin. Whilst they are widely recycled, it is always important to reduce and reuse our waste as much as possible. There are so many ways to upcycle tin cans, whether you love the quaint shabby chic look or opt for a more polished finish. Here are some of our favourite ideas to get you started.


Use them as household storage

No home can ever have too much storage, and tins are perfect for keeping things tidy. Spray a few cans with some inexpensive paint that matches your kitchen theme and use them to store your cutlery and utensils. Label them up to make great office organisation, and even decorate with luxurious lace to use as makeup storage.



Transform them into ornaments

Tins can also make lovely decorative additions to your home. Taking extra care, create a stunning pattern by puncturing holes in the sides using a hammer and small nail. Pop a tea light in to give your room a relaxed but unique ambiance. Fixing ribbon will allow you to hang your new lanterns, great for indoor and outdoor décor.

You could also make a fabulous wind chime with the bases of the cans. Attach several to some string and add beads, feathers and anything else you like to create your chime. Hang by a window or from a tree to hear its melody.


Entertain the kids

Lots of exciting kids’ crafts can be enjoyed with a couple of tin cans. Under adult supervision, get some art materials like paint, buttons and anything else you have lying around, and let the children’s imaginations run wild. Just be sure to get rid of any rough or sharp edges before handing them over to the little ones.

A delightful bowling game could also be made with 6-8 tins and a small ball – ideal for summer boredom busting.




Bake a cake

Old cans can be washed out and reused as handy baking tins. Fill them just over halfway with your choice of cake batter and cook for around 25 minutes (times and temperature may vary depending on your oven and recipe). Poke them with a toothpick to ensure they are cooked thoroughly and serve by simply tipping the tins upside down. It’s up to you if you want to ice them or eat them up straight away!


Feed the birds

Bird feeders can be expensive, but why buy when they can be made very easily and cheaply with some tin cans? Tilt the tins onto their sides and fasten some twining so they can be hung from a tree or fence. Half fill with nuts and seeds to allow small birds to perch and feed.

We hope that these ideas will inspire you to reduce your waste by reusing your rubbish. Do you have any other brilliant upcycling projects? Share them with us on Twitter and Facebook.  For more ideas see our other blog post here