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Recycling Roundup 12th February

Monday, 12 February 2018 09:02:00 Europe/London

Stories this week include looking at the waste management statistics in Northern Ireland, carpet recycling is up by 42% according to Carpet Recycling UK, and lastly, residents in Cumbria are soon to be able to recycle card and plastics.  

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Posted in Recycling Roundup By Adam

McDonald's Aim to Use 100% Recycled Packaging by 2025

Sunday, 11 February 2018 09:16:53 Europe/London

McDonald's has set itself a target for 100% of its packaging to come from renewable, recycled, or certified sources by 2025.  The company, who are the world's largest restaurant company say they have a responsibility to use their influence to make changes to help the environment.  

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Posted By Sam

UK Government Fails to Back EU Recycling Targets

Saturday, 10 February 2018 09:08:03 Europe/London

The UK government is opposing new recycling targets set by the EU even though it pledged tp develop new targes and milestones themselves.  The European parliament voted on a new target of 65% by 2035 which the UK refused saying meeting the target of 65% by 2030 would save around £10 billion in waste related costs.  

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Posted By Jon

Scientists at the University of California have developed a new recycling process that restores old lithium battery cathodes.  Less than 5% of lithium batteries are recycled which means millions end up in landfill every year, the problem with this is the toxins it can release and also the supply of the precious metals used in batteries is dwindling fast.  

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Posted By Adam

Clothing Companies Join Together to Combat Fashion Waste

Thursday, 8 February 2018 09:29:53 Europe/London

64 Companies have signed a commitment which aims to tackle the amount of waste in the fashion and textile industry, the industry plans to concentrate on reselling more used garments and develop recycled textile fibres.  

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Posted By Sam

Coca Cola to Develop 100% Recyclable Packaging

Wednesday, 7 February 2018 09:19:57 Europe/London

Coca-Cola recently have been put under pressure to help more with the reduction of plastic packaging in our oceans, the response has been positive with a platform called 'World Without Waste' which is the development of 100% recyclable packaging.  

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Posted By Michelle

French Start-ups Reward Residents for Recycling

Tuesday, 6 February 2018 19:57:00 Europe/London

A French start up company called Terradona offers free gifts to people who sort their waste correctly, they have developed a smart box called Cliiink which attaches to the bin and gives them points when they put an item in the correct recycling bin which they then can redeem in various shops.  

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Posted By jon davis

Recycling Roundup 29th January

Tuesday, 6 February 2018 09:18:57 Europe/London

Some of the stories originating this week include Gosport Council joining forces with Huhtamaki to pilot a coffee cup collection and recycling service, a story showing that kerbside collections are having a positive effect and figures in Colchester are set to exceed expectations.

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Posted in Recycling Roundup By Adam

Dorset Residents Are Encouraged to Recycle Their Coffee Cups

Wednesday, 31 January 2018 09:53:00 Europe/London

Dorset residents are being encouraged to recycle their empty coffee cups as well as food and drinks cartons at the designated recycling banks across the county.  They are being encourage to use reusable cups when they go and buy their hot drinks because most coffee shops allow the use of their own cup.

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Posted By jon davis

Does the UK Rely Too Much on Incinerators?

Monday, 22 January 2018 09:53:04 Europe/London

With the ban of importing of certain types of recyclable waste from China, the UK has had to rethink their strategy about they dispose of waste it creates, one of which is incineration.  One of the main problems of this is the release of toxins and chemical gases if not properly controlled, but what exactly is incineration?

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Posted By Michelle

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