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How to Recycle Easter Egg Packaging

It’s not Easter if you don’t feast on a chocolate egg or three. The first chocolate Easter eggs in Britain were introduced by Fry’s in 1873, and now they make up around 10% of our annual spending on chocolate. Just incase you were wondering, we munch our way through about 80 million chocolate eggs every year. Not great for our waistlines, or for the environment.

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Recycling Roundup 18th March

This weeks Recycling Roundup features stories including a new recycling centre has opened in Peterborough to help decling recycling rates, residents who live near an energy recovery centre after concerns were raised about the noise from the vehicles, and finally a council in Ireland has been criticised after it sent out an Irish language leaflet about recycling to residents who's first language is not Gaelic

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Recycling Roundup 1st April

This weeks Recycling Roundup features stories including a new purple wheelie bin called Poppy is teaching people across Ayrshire about new wheelie bins being rolled out, a free recycling point has been installed as East Cambrideshire's District Council offices to encourage the recycling of crisp and sweet packets, and finally an engineer is using discarded glass and gin bottles to create gifts.


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