Can Man Can!

Sometimes you come across an image online and you just don’t know how to react. You get what we’re talking about – it could be something weird or wonderful, and usually both, and you’re torn between gasping, gawping and guffawing, so you usually do all three.

This image is an excellent example. We have no idea what the story is behind it, which often proves to be far more fun that having a detailed account of how the situation came to be. It shows a guy wearing what must be a few hundred aluminium cans, attached to a special suit (you can just see its cap). It looks like he’s outside a school or community centre, and there’s even a communal recycling bin in the background. And oh yeah, he has a unicycle, although how on earth he could possibly ride it whilst sporting that ensemble is beyond us.

can man

The guy looks pretty chuffed with himself as the little girl awaits his next performance. Maybe he’s demonstrating how light empty drinks cans are? After all, the average 330ml aluminium can weighs less than 15g, so even if he’s wearing 500 that’s only a little over a stone in weight, distributed evenly across his entire body. Or perhaps he’s showing how many cans one person would get through in a year if they drank 1-2 a day? The answer is: enough to wear as a suit!

Whatever he’s trying to achieve, we’re sure he was successful and he certainly brought a smile to our faces. And did you know that if all cans in the UK were recycled, we would need 14 million fewer dustbins? The more we recycle, the more positive an impact we make on this world, so check out our products for use in the office, schools, outdoors and at home to make every aspect of your life as green as possible.

P.S. If you do decide to make a suit out of aluminium cans, make sure to recycle it once you’ve finished wearing it. Either that or give it to a friend, especially if they already own a unicycle.