Green Celebrities: Daniel Craig 

The new Bond film No Time to Die is finally being released at the end of the month. So who better to feature in this edition of green celebrities than Daniel Craig?

After playing a starring role as James Bond from 2005, the actor has become a multi-millionaire. However, in a recent interview, he announced his intention to give away much of his fortune to good causes. He’s in good company here, with the likes of Bill and Melinda Gates, Elton John, and Mark Zuckerberg pledging to do the same.

Daniel Craig is a passionate supporter of many worthwhile humanitarian causes and environmental campaigns. Here’s what makes him a green celebrity.

Daniel Craig is passionate about protecting wildlife

The actor is a supporter of Dorset Wildlife Trust, one of 46 Wildlife Trusts working across the UK. With the help of volunteers, members, and supporters, it manages more than 42 nature reserves.  The goal is to protect wildlife and natural spaces, educate and inform people, and campaign for environmental laws and policies.

With the backing of high-profile supporters like Daniel Craig, the Trust:

  • Campaign for laws and policies that help wildlife on land and at sea; 
  • Looks after 43 nature reserves, protecting and managing unique habitats and rare species;
  • Creates ‘living landscapes,’ by restoring habits;
  • Protects wildlife at sea by campaigning for sustainable fishing and protecting marine habitats;
  • Helps landowners, businesses, schools, communities, and local councils to manage land for the benefit of the wildlife.

Daniel Craig is passionate about rainforest conservation

Another cause close to Daniel Craig’s heart is the conservation of the rainforests. That’s why he’s an avid supporter of the Prince’s Rainforests Project.

Prince Charles saw evidence linking climate change to deforestation and the depletion of the rainforests. After many visits to see the devastation for himself, he set up the Prince’s Rainforests Project in late 2007.

The project’s aims are:

  • To encourage rainforest nations to slow down deforestation
  • To raise awareness of the link between rainforests and climate change

As well as having Daniel Craig on board, the project also has the backing of Harrison Ford and the Dalai Lama. The support of big names (and of course, the royal influence!) has helped the project:

  • Set up task forces in rainforest regions to talk to local people, organisations, and governments about what could be done about deforestation;
  • Launched a communications campaign to raise awareness of the link between rainforests and climate change globally;
  • Produced a film with big names like the Dalai Lama and Harrison Ford in which they declare their support for the cause;
  • Worked with businesses, non-profits, and educators to ensure that climate change is front and centre in everyone’s minds.

The protection of rainforests and wildlife play an important part in the survival of the planet.  This is not just in the present, but for future generations too. Daniel Craig recognises that and uses the platform of his fame to lend his support. That’s what makes him a true green celebrity in our eyes.

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