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Zero Waste Challenge

With lent tomorrow, instead of giving up food like chocolate you could try to tackle the no waste challenge, there are many ways to reduce waste you generate with some simple ideas like drinking tap water instead of bottled water, if you can do this for 40 days what is stopping you from creating this all year round and significantly reducing your waste.

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The Rise of Clothing Banks

You may have noticed almost in every large supermarket car park there seems to be a clothing banks, but what do they do?  Around half of the clothes are sent abroad to help the less fortunate people, but some are sold in second hand shops and some are sold in charity shops.

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Recycling advice for the office

Paper, coffee cups with little sipping lids, paper, Judy's bun cases, paper, huge amounts of wrapping from lunchtime, oh, and paper. There's no way around it, the day-to-day life of an office produces huge amounts of waste. Here's how to cut down on it.

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