Education & Tips

The How and Why of Recycling

Step number one for setting up your home recycling program is to determine how the bins are set up at your municipal recycling centre. Do they only offer a simple cardboard, paper, plastic type of operation or is it something more sophisticated?

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Handy tips for saving paper

Money doesn’t grow on trees. Really, it doesn’t. Banknotes aren’t made from paper; they’re made from cotton paper, which is cotton rag sometimes mixed with linen, abaca and other textile fibres. There, you just learnt something.

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A Lazy Man's Guide to Recycling

Every day you hear about global warming and how this will affect everyone in the future. You know you should be doing something to keep the planet clean for future generations, but you haven't quite figured out where to start or what to do. This guide will give you a good starting point for recycling at home and help you on your way to getting a greener future.

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