Green Champions

Green Champions - Hilton

The Hilton Hotel chain is now one of the world's biggest and most recognisable brands in the hotel world, with one of their values focuses on the environment, they have reduced their carbon footprint and joined with WWF to help reduce food waste and support sustainable seafood, but this is just one of their ideas in action among many others.

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Green Champions - Arriva

Arriva is one of the largest providers of public transport in Europe who employ more than 60,000 people and provide services to over 2.2 billion passengers per year.  With this amount of travel, the need to help protect the environment is more important than before, Arriva now operate electric buses and gas powered buses running from 100% bio-gas.

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Green Champions - McDonalds

McDonalds' golden arches are iconic around the world and serve billions of customers each year, so there is no surprise that along with cigarette butts fast food wrappers contribute to a vast amount of litter, McDonalds have recognised the problem and strive to help anywhere they can, for example they complete a litter pick daily around their area as well as join in and organise community clean up events.

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