How To Recycle

Recycling Bin Colours In The UK

In a world where we are all encouraged to Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle, recycling has become part of daily life, but with so many different recycling bin colours in the UK to choose from, the whole process can be confusing. Here we take a look at recycling bin colours, and what you should be putting in them, and more importantly perhaps, what you should not...

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How to Recycle Easter Egg Packaging

It’s not Easter if you don’t feast on a chocolate egg or three. The first chocolate Easter eggs in Britain were introduced by Fry’s in 1873, and now they make up around 10% of our annual spending on chocolate. Just incase you were wondering, we munch our way through about 80 million chocolate eggs every year. Not great for our waistlines, or for the environment.

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