How To Recycle

Weekly Recycling Challenge: Cut Down on Contamination in Your Recycling

You might feel saintly because you’re doing your bit and recycling as much as you can, but do you realise that a lot of what we recycle is often too contaminated to be processed so it ends up in the landfill? For this week’s recycling challenge, we want to challenge you to make sure you put the right things in your recycling bin, and to make sure they’re as clean as possible before you do!

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Recycling Bin Colours In The UK

In a world where we are all encouraged to Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle, recycling has become part of daily life, but with so many different recycling bin colours in the UK to choose from, the whole process can be confusing. Here we take a look at recycling bin colours, and what you should be putting in them, and more importantly perhaps, what you should not...

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