How To Recycle

The Challenge of Recycling LED Lamps

Lightbulbs are essential to our homes and businesses, in recent years they have changed from the incandescent bulbs which are now banned to low energe and LED bulbs, but with this change comes the challenge of recycling.  In 2016 6000 tonnes of lamps were collected and recycled with only 1% being LED lamps.

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Recycle Your Remembrance Poppies at Sainsburys

Sainsbury's have been supporting the Poppy Appeal for more than 20 years and raised £3.2 million through collections and selling of merchandise last year.  Sainsbury's are the only place you can recycle poppies, they can be broken down and recycled or repurposed into new poppies for the following year.  

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How to Recycle - Carpets

The UK generates 400,000 tonnes of waste carpet every year, but nearly all carpets can be recycled and manufactured into new products, including sports pitches and insulation.  You can recycle carpets by selling it if it is in good condition, donating it or if your really savvy it can be used to help banish weeds from vegetable plots.  

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