Recycling Roundup

Why Should I Recycle and How Should I Store It?

Recycling Storage

Are you an avid recycler? Do you want to recycle more, but the thought of finding the space for it feels impossible? If you don't recycle, here’s why you should, and if you want to recycle more, here’s some recycling storage inspiration for your space.

Why should I recycle?

Recycling preserves precious resources

We can get anything we want at the click of a button, so it’s easy to think that the earth has infinite resources. But it doesn’t. The earth is becoming ever more populated but its resources won’t last forever. That’s why it’s important that we save resources and recycling is an important way we can do that.

It saves energy

Recycling turns materials into new products which uses less energy than making something new. Extracting raw materials uses a lot of energy and is harmful to the planet.

Recycling can slow down climate change

Climate change is one of the biggest threats to our planet, and recycling can help slow it down by:

  • Reducing the need for the extraction and processing of raw materials which causes air and water pollution.
  • Saving energy which cuts down greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Reducing the amount of waste that gets sent to landfill. Waste that rots away on landfill can produce methane, a gas that is a big contributor to climate change.

If I start recycling more, how can I store it?

Okay, so you know recycling is great for the planet.  However, there are things to think about if you’re going to make it work.

Recycling storage is one of those things. If you don’t have a lot of space, here are some tips on storing your recycling until collection day.  

Can you reuse an item?

First, ask yourself if you can reuse an item. Yes, these tips are about recycling storage, but it makes sense to avoid your recycling piling up if you can.

For example, you can reuse glass jars for storing odds and ends. You can keep paper and card for crafting on rainy days with the kids. The possibilities are endless. 

Get creative with reusing things as much as you can so you can avoid an overflowing recycling bin or box.  

Think about where your recycling storage should be and how to make the most out of it

When it comes to recycling storage, location is key. Where can you store your home recycling bins, bags, or boxes so that they:

  • Don’t get in the way?-you don’t want to be tripping over your recycling every time you’re in the kitchen.
  • Are convenient enough for everyone to use?-will a bathroom recycling bin encourage people to recycle more?

Equally important is the how, especially when you are short on space.

Here are some ways you can ace recycling storage without taking up any precious floor space:

Use the vertical space: 

Think about stacking recycling bins or boxes, or hanging a recycling bag on the back of a door/cupboard.

Get creative: 

There are some great hidden recycling storage solutions like bins that pull out of a kitchen cupboard.

Maximise your recycling storage space

Once you know where you are going to store your recycling and how. You need to maximise your storage space. Flatten items like cartons, boxes, and drinks cans to create space in your recycling bin, bag, or box.

We hope we’ve given you plenty of inspiration on recycling storage. If you’d like more tips and interesting articles on all things recycling, check out the rest of our blog.

Recycling Roundup 16th September

In this weeks Recycling Roundup Guernsey has cut the amount of general waste it collects by half after making some big changes to its recycling services. Also waste bosses at Edinburgh City Council have said that a deposit return scheme would reduce waste but also might lead to more expensive waste management contracts and a woman from Chippenham was told to dump her broken council recycling box because it "couldn't be recycled"!

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Recycling Roundup 19th August

In this weeks Recycling Roundup changes are coming to waste and recycling collections in some parts of Aberdeenshire where collections will take place on a three-weekly cycle from 10th September. Also, UK snack giant Walker’s Crisps has partnered up with recycling specialists TerraCycle to recycle more packaging and raise funds for life-saving services across Scotland and the Authorities in Rome are trialling a scheme where people can recycle bottles in return for free journeys on the city’s public transport...


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Recycling Roundup 5th August

In this weeks Recycling Roundup Britain in Bloom judges have visited Newbury and now the town is on tenterhooks to see if it’s going to reach the finals of the national competition. Also, research carried out by WRAP has found that cotton and polyester are the materials whose fibres could potentially best replace virgin materials and two new recycling points are being trialled in Hampstead Heath in the hope that it will help clean up the area...

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Recycling Roundup 22nd July

In this weeks' Recycling Roundup WRAP has announced that a £1 million grant will be made available to boost the recycling of business waste in England. Residents in Powys who want to use household waste and recycling facilities in Monmouthshire might be able to do so - if they’re willing to pay and the chief executives of Asda, Greggs and J Sainsbury will meet with the Environment Secretary Michael Gove to discuss concerns they have about recycling initiatives that they say will impose ‘unsustainable costs’ on an already struggling retail sector.



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Recycling Roundup 8th July

In this weeks Recycling Roundup, Zero Waste Scotland has released figures showing a record amount of food waste was collected in 2017, residents in Great Blakenham in Ipswich have been given a free ice cream to make up for having to put up with an alarm that has been driving them mad over the past month and according to The Body Shop, the UK recycled 602,493 tonnes of plastic in 2017-18, and six of the top 10 best cities for recycling were in Wales.


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Recycling Roundup 10th June

Residents in Telford and Wrekin will soon be able to recycle their food waste when a new kerbside collection service starts in September. The service will be run by Veolia, and the collected waste will be turned into fertiliser and energy. Each household will be given a kitchen caddy for their food waste and a larger caddy which can be kept outside and put out for collection each week.

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Recycling Roundup 22nd April

This weeks Recycling Roundup features news about recycling centres in Surrey that will not be able to accept waste wood from June when new charges are introduced, due to a lack of payment points. A mountain of unwanted brown bins has appeared at a recycling centre after thousands of residents in Midlothian refused to sign up for a paid garden waste collection service and changes are coming to waste and recycling services in Pembrokeshire.

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