Recycling Roundup

Recycling Roundup 1st May

One of the biggest stories that appeared this week came from Wales, Wales have a high recycling rate and threatened to fine any councils which did not meet this targets and 3 councils failed to do so.  However on this occasion they refused to fine the local councils which has drawn some criticsm.  

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Recycling Roundup 15th May

In the recycling news this week we take a look at 2 big stories, 1 which includes the potential danger batteries can cause when they are not recycled correctly, and the other looks at the coffee company Nespresso and how they are trialing a pod recycling scheme when you sign up the Nespresso Club.  

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Recycling Roundup 12th June

This weeks recycling news takes features a story on a zoo starting a mobile phone recycling scheme to help highlight the problem of small e-waste on the environment, and a Hull recycling centre which is going to be closed for 2 days a week despite there being an increase of flytipping.

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