Summer holiday recycling tips

Summer Holiday Recycling Tips


In the summer time when the weather is hot, we've got recycling on our minds. Have a look at the tips below for some little pointers on how to keep our land green and pleasant.


Lolly sticks and shelly bits

What a lovely time of year; the freshness of spring is gradually giving way to the bright warmth of summer. Weekends spent burying seeds in the garden become weekends spent being buried by your children at the beach. But wait; why not bring the two together? The sticks from lollipops eaten on the promenade can be written on and used to mark out your new seedlings, and even support them when combined with a bit of twine. Alternatively, a shell glued to the top can add a touch of the beach to your garden, and let's not forget how driftwood and stones can transform the blander areas of any outdoor area.




Going on a walk in the country?

Take your rubbish home with you along with your happy memories, unless you can find a bin along the way. This is probably a case of teaching granny to suck eggs but it needn't be left unsaid. Oh, and don't forget to recycle.


Disposable BBQs are the equivalent of burning cash

A good, reliable barbeque set can be bought nowadays for as little as thirty pounds and can last for many summers. Disposable barbecues, on the other hand, can cost anything from five to ten pounds, so after three to six barbeques you're already losing money. They're also tiny and difficult to use, resulting in nasty burns. Environmentally speaking, because these banes of the recycling bin are usually made of foil, with charcoal saturated in flammable chemicals often sticking to them, they cannot be recycled easily and take a long time to decompose. The chemicals can also be a threat to wildlife and the soil. So avoid all of this and gain a new summertime buddy by buying a decent barbeque.



Leftovers from the season of goodwill

Remember those warm sweaters and coats that provided essential shelter and warmth in the sleety, snowy months leading up to Christmas, but which now look a bit worn and unwanted? Well, charities will happily sell them on or store them up until someone else needs them. Here's to the new season of goodwill!


The unbreakable approach to camping

Nobody wants to take their best crockery and glasses to the campsite, but disposable plates, cups and cutlery are bad for the environment and, after a few trips, the cost starts to build up. Instead, get hold of some unbreakable plates, bowls and cups made of durable plastic and use them every time you go away. Most households have a good amount lying around anyway and, even if you don't, it's worth getting some if you're planning to camp more than a couple of times. A washing up bowl and some Tupperware for storage will complete the set, so you can leave your site looking like the Garden of Eden, rather than the glades of Glastonbury the day after the festival.