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In the News - Coffee Pods

Recycle Coffee Pods
With more of us working from home, or just wanting to enjoy a luxurious cup of coffee whenever we fancy one, the popularity of coffee pods has surged. It’s great for the coffee companies and a treat for us, but maybe not so good for the environment, as a YouGov poll of over 4,000 coffee pod drinkers found that 35% of them didn’t know that coffee pods were recyclable. 

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Recycling Roundup 1st April

This weeks Recycling Roundup features stories including a new purple wheelie bin called Poppy is teaching people across Ayrshire about new wheelie bins being rolled out, a free recycling point has been installed as East Cambrideshire's District Council offices to encourage the recycling of crisp and sweet packets, and finally an engineer is using discarded glass and gin bottles to create gifts.


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