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Why Crushing Cans Can Make Them Harder to Recycle

A director at the Aluminum Association in the US has warned about the crushing of cans before being recycled, the machinery sorts materials by type and shape so if a can is crushed it may not recognise it and will push it into the non recyclable pile which ends up at landfill or incineration.  

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Spanish Pupils Win Award for Throwaway Society Video

Spanish Pupils Win Award for Throwaway Society Video


Spanish pupils win award for witty short 3 minute video "Cans". The video centres around a pupil waking up each morning and walking somewhere (presumably to school) with a can of 'pop' in his hand. Every time he walks past another pupil he drops the drinks can on the floor and carries on walking. This scene keeps happening 5 or 6 times until the young girl constructs a recycling bin from the drinks cans the older pupil has thrown away, which forces the older pupil to think twice about his actions before the scene cuts to the older pupil putting his can into the recycling bin. You can see the video - here

The moral of the story is to think twice. There may not be a bin in sight but we all have a moral obligation to not drop our litter for someone else to pick up. We all inhabit this planet together as one, we are all equally fortunate to be here and we should be doing more to preserve what we have for future generations to come.