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The Biggest Ever Recycling Challenge

The PepsiCo Foundation has joined forces with The Recycling Partnership to launch the largest ever industry-wide residential recycling challenge in the US, the project has over 2800 communities taking part and has around $100 million in backing, funds raised from the scheme will be used to provide larger recycling solutions to big cities such as Miami and Florida. 

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January Recycling Challenge - Glass

Why not try the January recycling challenge, especially over the festive period we generate more glass recycling, but are we making the effort in which to recycle it especially when it does not lose its purity.  

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October Recycling Challenge - Recycle More Metal

Our new series looks at setting a new recycling challenge each month, October is metal recycling.  Cheshire Council are determined to spread the message that metal matters, if all the metal packaging was recycled in Cheshire it would be the equivalent of taking over 1000 cars off the road.  

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