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US Researchers Develop a Zero Waste Recycling Process for Mobile Phones

Researchers at the University of British Columbia have developed a process to separate fibreglass and resin which are the most commonly discarded parts of a mobile phone.  Most companies that recover e-waste focus on the precious metals like gold and silver, but the University have found way to separate the fibreglass and resin.  

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The Electronic Waste Recycling Project That's Transforming Lives

Substation33 has been operating since 2015, designed originally for electronic recycling, they have repurposed more than half a million kilos of e-waste.  Made up mainly from volunteers, the Substation team have come up with some amazing things, including a electric bike powered by laptop batteries  and solar energy amplifiers that light up Indonesian villages.  

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The Scandal of Illegal E-Waste Dumping in Developing Countries

A show recently aired on the BBC exposed the illegal dumping of e-waste in developing countries like Ghana, many poor people work on dumps to make a living which includes the burning of waste in order to salvage precious metals, this can then cause health problems with the constant inhaling of toxic fumes.  The illegal dumping of waste happens worldwide and not just waste sent from the UK.

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