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UK Government Set to Introduce a 'Plastic Tax

The government has indicated that it plans to introduce a plastic tax on non-recyclable plastic such as straws and single use cutlery, with the eventual aim of encouraging businesses to switch to more environmentally friendly alternatives.  The treasury carried out a consultation and got 162,000 consultations saying most would back a tax on single use items. 

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Ever Wondered What Exactly is WRAP?

WRAP is the Waste and Resources Action Programme, an independent not-for-profit company set up in 2000 to help promote recycling in the UK and create a market for recycled materials. It is funded by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the Scottish Government, the Northern Ireland Executive and the Welsh Government, as well as the European Union. WRAP work with a wide range of partners, from businesses and trade bodies to local councils and other public sector bodies, as well as individuals looking for practical recycling advice. 

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