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How to Recycle - Carpets

The UK generates 400,000 tonnes of waste carpet every year, but nearly all carpets can be recycled and manufactured into new products, including sports pitches and insulation.  You can recycle carpets by selling it if it is in good condition, donating it or if your really savvy it can be used to help banish weeds from vegetable plots.  

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How To Recycle - Batteries

We use batteries every single day in our lives, whether it be the battery in your car or the batteries in your TV remote, batteries contain hazardous chemicals and harmful metals but still are recyclable.  You would have noticed in your local supermarket somewhere in the shop there is a battery recycling point, as of 2010 any retailers that sell over 32kg of batteries per year have to provide recycling facilities in store.  

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The How and Why of Recycling

Step number one for setting up your home recycling program is to determine how the bins are set up at your municipal recycling centre. Do they only offer a simple cardboard, paper, plastic type of operation or is it something more sophisticated?

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