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No Charge to Park? Pay With a Plastic Bottle

Friday, 26 October 2018 11:03:15 Europe/London

If you run out of change to pay for car parking at the CitiPark in Leeds, you can now pay in plastic bottles, for each bottle they recycle, they can claim 20p off of parking.  If you collect 95 bottles you can park for 24 hours for free, and 30 bottles will entitle you to park for 1 hour.  

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Posted By Jon

Coca-Cola Launches Recycle Week Recycling Campaign

Monday, 17 September 2018 09:15:49 Europe/London

Coca Cola Europe has laumched a new marketing campaign aimed at encouraging people to recycle their empty drinks bottles and offering a reward when they do so.  Also during recycle week,  Coca Cola will take over Picadilly lights and encourage passers by to recycle their plastic bottles once they have finished their drink.  

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Posted By Adam

2 Sisters Food Group Pledge to Reduce Plastic in Their Packaging

Friday, 20 April 2018 12:36:00 Europe/London

The 2 Sisters Food Group have announced plans to reduce the use of plastic in its operations.  They have set a new plan to reduce plastic packaging by 2020 which include the phasing out of non-recyclable bottles and cups in all of their sites. 

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Posted By Jon

Virgin Trains Collaborate with a Prison to Recycle Old Uniforms

Thursday, 1 March 2018 10:38:00 Europe/London

Inmates at HMP Northumberland are set to take part in a scheme to turn old Virgin Trains uniforms into textiles, with the aim to reduce offending rates by preparing prisoners for life after prison and to support a local homeless charity by donating the then upcycled clothing. 

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Posted in Green Champions By Adam

Scientists at the University of California have developed a new recycling process that restores old lithium battery cathodes.  Less than 5% of lithium batteries are recycled which means millions end up in landfill every year, the problem with this is the toxins it can release and also the supply of the precious metals used in batteries is dwindling fast.  

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Posted By Adam

January Recycling Challenge - Glass

Friday, 12 January 2018 15:02:51 Europe/London

Why not try the January recycling challenge, especially over the festive period we generate more glass recycling, but are we making the effort in which to recycle it especially when it does not lose its purity.  

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Posted By Adam

How to Recycle More at Christmas

Friday, 15 December 2017 10:30:40 Europe/London

What can you do more when it comes to recycling at christmas?  We have crafted some handy tips on how to recycle certain things at christmas, from old christmas cards to the leftover turkey.  

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Recycle Your Remembrance Poppies at Sainsburys

Monday, 27 November 2017 09:05:41 Europe/London

Sainsbury's have been supporting the Poppy Appeal for more than 20 years and raised £3.2 million through collections and selling of merchandise last year.  Sainsbury's are the only place you can recycle poppies, they can be broken down and recycled or repurposed into new poppies for the following year.  

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Posted in How To Recycle By Adam

Why Not Try Buying Nothing for a Day

Wednesday, 15 November 2017 09:48:00 Europe/London

The 24th November is 'Buy Nothing Day', this is basically a protest against consumerism behind our throwaway society.  Founded in 1992 it is traditionally celebrated on black friday in the UK and aims to focus is to curb spending habits on this day but to also create less waste.  

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Posted By Sam

How to Recycle - Electronic Waste

Friday, 13 October 2017 09:56:55 Europe/London

UK consumers buy a lot of electronic gadgets and around and with the tenchology moving so fast there is a lot of electronic waste being produced, it is estimated around 2 million tonnes of electronic waste is produced each year in the UK alone and that it is the fastest waste growing waste stream.  

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Posted in How To Recycle By Michelle

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