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The Race to Find a Sustainable Car Battery Recycling Solution

The biggest challenge we face when it comes to recycling car batteries is the emergence of electric cars and hybrids, these cars use lithium ion batteries which are more complex and could be more hazardous than the standard car batteries.  Some companies are trying to lead the way to find viable solutions for disposal of these new batteries.

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Lego to Put Recycling Labels on all its US Packaging

Lego has joined the How2Recycle program and have announced plans to start labelling its toy packaging for its US consumers this year.  By the end of the year Lego hope to have the How2Recycle lable on more than 60% of its packaging, since 2012 they have committed to only use paper from forests that have been sustainably managed.  

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A few things you might not know about recycling

Britain and the world's recent record on waste is really quite rubbish. Since the 1960s the amount of rubbish we create has gone up by 500%, meaning that the average UK household produces around a tonne of waste per year. What’s more, the kind of rubbish we now produce is much more difficult to break down compared to fifty years ago.

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