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Council Bosses Aim to Make the Notting Hill Carnival Sustainable

People who attended this year's Notting Hill Carnival were encouraged to recycled their aluminium cans as part of 'Every Can Counts' programme.  After the carnival it took two nights and over 30 refuse trucks sweepers to clean up the area, despite this they say that recycling was increased during the festival.

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First recycling centre of its kind

Who doesn’t love finding out about something that’s the first of its kind? And when it’s something that will help to increase recycling figures and work toward creating a greener world, then all the better!

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Green Champions - Asda

The supermarket sector is a very competitive market when it comes to sales, but sustainability is where supermarkets like to excel.  Asda, who are one of the largest in the UK have set some pretty high targets for themselves including the creation of zero waste.  With their scheme, since 2005 Asda have managed to to reduce their energy use by 33% and their newer stores by 45%.

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