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First recycling centre of its kind

Who doesn’t love finding out about something that’s the first of its kind? And when it’s something that will help to increase recycling figures and work toward creating a greener world, then all the better!

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Recycling In The Home Nations - Wales

With Wales' landfill space being full within the next 8 years there is no wonder they are the home nations highest recyclers, they have set themselves an ambitious target of being waste free by 2050 which they are well on their way to achieving.  We take a look at how they are so successful and the rest of the home nations should follow their lead in priortising recycling.  

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Recycling Food Waste to Support your National Team

With the 6 nations now over and done with for another year, recycle for Wales used this as an oppurtunity to push their message across, they wanted people to know that recycling food waste that is not edible such as tea bags and banana skins can help power your tv and power your lights.

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