Thousands of Nottingham Residents Set to Get ‘Ultimate Bin’

Thousands of Nottingham Residents Set to Get ‘Ultimate Bin’

Thousands of residents in Nottingham are set to get so-called communal ‘ultimate bins’ to replace the current orange plastic bags that are in use. The new bins can hold around 1100 litres of waste and can also be used to recycle cardboard, plastic, paper, cans and glass.

The council is issuing the bins in an attempt to cull the use of single-use plastics including the orange recycling bags currently used by people living in flats and apartments. Residents will now be able to take all of their recyclable items to the bins instead of putting them in the orange bags.

Some residents are particularly delighted at getting a bin, since the council has never provided them with orange bags either, so they’ve just had to store their recyclables in their apartments. Many people think that the new bins will encourage more people to recycle.

Residents have been getting through around 160,000 orange recycling bags every year, and since they’re single-use, it’s bad news for the environment.

Helping people recycle more

A spokesperson for the council said that it had been looking for a way to replace the single-use recycling bags for a while, and that it was really excited to introduce the ‘ultimate bin.’ He added that many people who live in flats and apartments had been asking for better recycling options and it’s hoped that the new bins will be the perfect solution.

Residents will now be able to recycle glass

The councillor in charge of energy and the environment for Nottingham City Council said the council is proud to be working hard to eliminate single-use plastic. She added that rather than continue to give out 160,000 single-use bags each year; the new bins will allow people who live in flats to recycle more than ever before. The council’s recycling contractor Enva will sort through items that have been deposited in the bins so they can be processed correctly. Residents will now be able to recycle glass, as they were unable to put it in the orange bags for safety and practical reasons.