Recycling Roundup 22nd July

In this weeks' Recycling Roundup WRAP has announced that a £1 million grant will be made available to boost the recycling of business waste in England. Residents in Powys who want to use household waste and recycling facilities in Monmouthshire might be able to do so - if they’re willing to pay and the chief executives of Asda, Greggs and J Sainsbury will meet with the Environment Secretary Michael Gove to discuss concerns they have about recycling initiatives that they say will impose ‘unsustainable costs’ on an already struggling retail sector.



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Recycling Roundup 8th July

In this weeks Recycling Roundup, Zero Waste Scotland has released figures showing a record amount of food waste was collected in 2017, residents in Great Blakenham in Ipswich have been given a free ice cream to make up for having to put up with an alarm that has been driving them mad over the past month and according to The Body Shop, the UK recycled 602,493 tonnes of plastic in 2017-18, and six of the top 10 best cities for recycling were in Wales.


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