Recycling Around the World A-Z: Romania

Around 63% of the population of Romania have access to a waste collection service with almost 6 million tonnes of waste collected and treated every year, despite this recycling rates are very low with some parts of the country no waste is recycled at all, to help with this a national target has been set to bring the recycling levels up to 50% by 2020.

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Green Celebrities - Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford is passionate about environmental causes, he purchased an 800 acre ranch in Wyoming and then donated almost half to a local land trust.  He also is involved with organisations such as Riverkeeper and Come Fly With Me, his dedication has not been ignored and has won awards for his efforts.

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Recycling advice for the office

Paper, coffee cups with little sipping lids, paper, Judy's bun cases, paper, huge amounts of wrapping from lunchtime, oh, and paper. There's no way around it, the day-to-day life of an office produces huge amounts of waste. Here's how to cut down on it.

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