Green Celebrities - Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is quite well known for all of his charity work, and he has a fair repertoire of organisations which he has funded.  One of the most well known is the organisation him and his then wife set up called the Jolie-Pitt Foundation which helped with displaced Pakistani refugees and this is just one that he supports. 

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Carlisle Council Improved Recycling Service

Carlisle Council are set to launch their imprioved recycling service this summer, this includes the kerbside collection being extended to more residents, a new collection schedule which means their rubbish is collected on the same day each week to help with confusion.  

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Recycling Around the World A-Z: Romania

Around 63% of the population of Romania have access to a waste collection service with almost 6 million tonnes of waste collected and treated every year, despite this recycling rates are very low with some parts of the country no waste is recycled at all, to help with this a national target has been set to bring the recycling levels up to 50% by 2020.

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