This section will aim to provide answers to the most commonly asked questions. If you do not find what you are after below then please just contact us.

What is the standard delivery time?

Our standard delivery time is to dispatch your recycling bins within 1 day and you should receive them within 48-72 hours from order. 90% of our bins go on an overnight delivery service so the earlier the order is placed the better the chance of it arriving the next day. We can accommodate your delivery schedules so if you need the bins for a specific date please get in touch.

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately at this moment, we are unable to ship any of our products internationally. However, it is something we are looking to do in the future. 

Can I pay via cheque or bacs?

Yes, we can accept payment via cheque or bacs, there are a couple of ways to do this. You can either go through the order process normally and on the checkout page it asks you how you would like to pay, just select the option to pay via telephone/bacs/cheque and click "Make Payment Here". The order will then come to us and we will contact you to see how you would like to pay. The other option is to contact us telling us your billing, delivery address and what you would like to order and we will raise a pro forma invoice. If you are a school or public sector then we only need a purchase order and you will be given 30 days credit.

Can I use a purchase order?

If you are a school or are ordering for the public sector then we can accept purchase orders and give 30 days credit. Just send your purchase orders to [email protected] and we will get in touch.

Can you go any lower than the price on the website?

We believe we already have a very competitive pricing structure based on the more you order, the larger the discount. However, if you are buying in much larger quantities than the quantity discount we should be able to move a little further. Simply call or email for our best price.

I have found a cheaper price, will you beat it?

Yes, we will beat any like-for-like price on the exact same product. The price must be the total including shipping.

What do I do if my recycling bins arrive damaged?

On the extremely rare occasion that your bins arrived damaged, first of all, mark the bin as "Damaged" on the piece of paper or machine the courier will get you to sign, or at least put "Not Checked". The second step is to call us on 01684 292727 or email [email protected] with your order name so we can arrange a replacement to be dispatched immediately, please take pictures of the damaged parts as we may ask to see where the damage has been caused.