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Glass Recycling Bins

Glass in landfills is a significant risk to safety and the environment, you can do your part to keep landfills glass-free by recycling anything you use with our range of glass recycling bins.

Glass recycling bins are an essential part of any recycling station, in any workplace, any education campus and at any event. We have a range of options available that will make recycling your glass products accessible and appealing to users at any age. With characterful bins for educational and childcare facilities, through to sleek and stylish options for office environments, you are sure to find a glass recycling bin suitable for your space.

The bins in this range are made from robust, heavy-duty materials, which are built to withstand the impact of glass being thrown in, breaking and potentially leaking liquids. These units will protect against leaks, damage and odours. You can opt for liners or not with these bins, as they can withstand high pressure washing to rinse them clean, and the exterior surfaces can simply be wiped clean.

Recycled glass uses less energy to melt down and reform into a new product, as opposed to forming an item from new, and glass produced from recycled glass reduces related air and water pollution. Improve your environmental impact by ensuring your recycling stations cater to glass.

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