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Recycling Kits

Our recycling kits offer great products bundled together with big savings. It costs the same to send one bin as it does to send 3 or 4 so we have passed these savings on below. Because the products have already been boxed we cannot change the colours, lids or stickers. If you would like more choice all the products below are sold individually and can be found on our website. A recycling kit is a great way to kickstart an office, home or school recycling programme, or even to boost current efforts.

Ready-made recycling kits are an efficient and cost-effective way to kickstart your recycling journey. Best suited for indoor use, these units are a bright and attractive addition to your workspace.

These recycling kits are prepared with the most common waste streams, and will fit into any workspaces including offices, schools, hospitality and retail environments, as well as university campuses and warehouses. These low maintenance bins are made from durable hard-wearing plastics, that are easy to clean and built to last.

Recycling is essential when considering sustainability and a greener future. These recycling kits help to keep waste out of landfill, which can cause the release of greenhouse gases that are toxic to the environment. By buying recycling kits, you can ensure your environment is fully equipped to recycle the most common materials that get thrown into general waste.

With options including open lids, push lids and lift lids, and with capacities of up to 54 litres, you can find the right kit for you. Some kits can be customised to ensure you have what you need. These packs are a smart investment for your business.

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