Green Celebrities

Green Celebrities: Daniel Craig 

The new Bond film No Time to Die is finally being released at the end of the month. So who better to feature in this edition of green celebrities than Daniel Craig?

After playing a starring role as James Bond from 2005, the actor has become a multi-millionaire. However, in a recent interview, he announced his intention to give away much of his fortune to good causes. He’s in good company here, with the likes of Bill and Melinda Gates, Elton John, and Mark Zuckerberg pledging to do the same.

Daniel Craig is a passionate supporter of many worthwhile humanitarian causes and environmental campaigns. Here’s what makes him a green celebrity.

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Green Celebrities: Chris Martin

Chris Martin
As well as being the multiple Grammy award-winning frontman of Coldplay. Chris Martin is a passionate advocate of sustainability and fair trade practices. From pausing a tour until he figured out how it could be more sustainable to campaigning for Fair Trade and raising money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Here is what makes Chris Martin a Green Celebrity. 

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