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What Effect Did the Pandemic Have on Recycling?

The pandemic virtually shut society down. We all stayed at home. We shopped online and ordered takeaways. That meant most of us produced more waste. So what was the knock-on effect on our recycling efforts? What effect did the pandemic have on recycling?

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Scruff The Eco Dog: Recycling Plastic Bottles for the Planet

Do you recycle as much as you can, or is there room for improvement? Recycling can feel confusing and time-consuming at the best of times. However, the next time you feel fed up with making an effort, consider this. There’s a dog with a knack for recycling plastic bottles, and he might even recycle more than you! Introducing Scruff the Eco dog.

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How Can Your Business Benefit from Sustainable Polymers?

For a growing number of consumers, a product’s sustainability is an important factor in their buying decision. That’s why manufacturers, brands, and retailers are focusing on developing their green credentials. That includes the use of sustainable polymers. But what are they and how can they benefit your business?

Rather than focusing on what happens to products at the end of life, designers are increasingly focused on sustainable design. Sustainable materials are easier to recover and reuse rather than ending up in landfill. The growing use of sustainable polymers will make the goal of a circular economy infinitely more achievable.

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Why is Recycling Soft Plastics Difficult?

You religiously wash out and recycle plastic containers. But what about recycling soft plastics? You know the ones; the film lids, bread bags, and crisp packets. Look at the label and it probably says they aren’t recyclable. Why is recycling soft plastics so difficult?

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How to Make Your School More Recycling Friendly

Many of us are making more of an effort to recycle at home now. More businesses are becoming eco-savvy. But what about schools? School recycling could make a huge difference to the fight against climate change. Here’s how.

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Top 10 Home Recycling Bins

Recycling at home doesn’t have to be arduous. Knowing your local recycling rules and making an effort to cut down on waste in the first place is half the battle. The other half is having the right home recycling bins.

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Benefits of Recycling: Facts, Fiction and What Really Happens To Your Rubbish

We delve into the world of recycling, explain some of the facts, reveal the fiction, and give you a clearer understanding of what happens to those drinks cans, plastic bottles, paper boxes, and glass jars you have just put in your recycling bin.

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Recycling Rewards: Here Are The Companies That Pay You to Recycle

Big companies are increasingly offering incentives to help reduce waste and recycle more, these incentives often include freebies, discounts and loyalty points.  All this seems great however a lot of people are not aware that these incentives even exist.  

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Costa Coffee's Recycling Revolution

Costa Coffee is set to become the first coffee chain in the UK to pledge it will recycle the same amount of disposable cups as it sells with the aim to stop the huge number already ending up in landfill which is currently around 500 million.  The company director is hoping that doing this will dispel the myth about coffee cups not being reyclable.

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Green Champions - McDonalds

McDonalds' golden arches are iconic around the world and serve billions of customers each year, so there is no surprise that along with cigarette butts fast food wrappers contribute to a vast amount of litter, McDonalds have recognised the problem and strive to help anywhere they can, for example they complete a litter pick daily around their area as well as join in and organise community clean up events.

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