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How Can Your Business Benefit from Sustainable Polymers?

Sustainable Polymers

For a growing number of consumers, a product’s sustainability is an important factor in their buying decision. That’s why manufacturers, brands, and retailers are focusing on developing their green credentials. That includes the use of sustainable polymers. But what are they and how can they benefit your business?

Rather than focusing on what happens to products at the end of life, designers are increasingly focused on sustainable design. Sustainable materials are easier to recover and reuse rather than ending up in landfill. The growing use of sustainable polymers will make the goal of a circular economy infinitely more achievable.

What is a Sustainable Polymer?

A sustainable polymer is a plastic material that businesses can use to meet consumers’ needs. The key difference is they come without damage to the environment. Compared to traditional polymers, sustainable polymers;

  • Are made from renewable materials such as plants;
  • Require less water and non-renewable energy to produce;
  • Emit fewer greenhouse gases during the production process;
  • Produce less waste during production;
  • Are recyclable/reusable at the end of life.

How are Sustainable Polymers Made?

To make traditional polymers, you convert petroleum into chemicals. The chemicals are then turned into plastic products. These are usually incinerated, recycled*, or thrown away at the end of life. *Depending on the type of plastic, they aren’t always recyclable.

To make sustainable polymers, plants are harvested and processed to make chemicals. Bioengineering techniques are then used to turn the chemicals into plastic products. Unlike traditional polymers, sustainable polymers are completely recyclable at the end of life. Some sustainable polymers are also compostable. The compost is then put on plants, and the whole cycle starts over again.

What Kind Of Products Can You Make from Sustainable Polymers?

A sustainable polymer called polylactide is used in plastic cutlery and food containers;

And that memory foam pillow you’ve got? If it’s a sustainable one, it might very well be made from modified soybean oil.

How your Business can Benefit from Sustainable Polymers

Adopting sustainable polymers in your business can bring some serious benefits. You’ll build trust and loyalty with your environmentally-conscious customers. You’ll considerably reduce your carbon footprint. Then there’s the fact that it can improve your bottom line. Here’s how;

  • Raw materials are increasingly scarce. Recycled polymers only have around 50% to 75% of the carbon impact of turning oil into new plastics. A big brownie point for your green credentials.
  • Recycled sustainable polymers don’t lose any of their quality. This means you can still make great products at the standard your customers expect.
  • There’s lots of scope for joining forces with a recycling business that specialises in recycling sustainable polymers. That can mean a reliable local source of quality materials for products.
  • Having a local supply of recycled materials also makes you less vulnerable to global materials shortages.
  • You’ll save on waste management costs. Sending less to landfill can mean a substantial saving in landfill tax and other costs.

Savvy consumers are reducing waste, reusing, and recycling more. They expect the companies they buy their products from to do the same. Adopting sustainable polymers is just one way you can elevate your brand, protect the planet, and boost your profits. For more articles on all things recycling and sustainability, check out the rest of our blog.

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