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Vape Recycling Bins: Rules Update

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4 ‘Sustainable’ Habits That Aren’t Actually Good for the Planet

Are you trying to adopt more sustainable habits? The biggest challenge can be knowing what’s actually sustainable and what isn’t. Here are 4 ‘sustainable’ habits that aren’t that good for the planet.

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How can you track your office recycling efforts?

You’ve bought the office recycling bins and you’ve told staff about it in the company newsletter. Now you can sit back and reap the rewards of your recycling efforts. Or can you? How do you know what’s really working and what isn’t? Here’s how to track office recycling for best results.

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Should I Buy More Bins or Larger Bins For My Office?

For businesses, the more waste you create, the higher your waste management costs will be. Waste management bills can be anything from several hundred pounds to tens of thousands. To cut costs and run a greener operation, you might invest in office recycling bins. But should you opt for more bins or larger bins for your office space?

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How to avoid a contaminated recycling bin

Are you a ‘wish cycler’? If you aren’t familiar with the term, it means someone who has good intentions to recycle but puts the wrong thing in the bin. According to Recycle Now figures, 84% of us are. So how can you get recycling right and avoid a contaminated recycling bin?

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Are Aerosol Cans Recyclable?

Do you often find yourself standing by your recycling bins and boxes feeling confused about what you can recycle? You’re not alone. In the first of our series that aims to quash the confusion, we’re looking at aerosols. So can you recycle aerosol cans and what happens if you don’t?

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Top 5 Recycling Kitchen Bins

Pedal bins have long been a popular choice in any kitchen or in the workplace. But with so many different models on the market, how do you know which one is the best buy for you? You might just find your perfect match in our top 5 recycling kitchen bin.

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Battery Recycling: A Guide

Many of the things we use in our everyday lives contain batteries. From your car to your smartphone, laptop, kids’ toys, and more, they all have them. So what happens when these batteries die? Hands up if you put them in a random drawer because you have no idea what to do with them. Our guide to battery recycling might just help you figure it out.

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How To Recycle Light Bulbs

When it comes to recycling, light bulbs are often high up on the ‘how on earth do I recycle this?’ list. Disposing of light bulbs properly is all in the type of light bulb. Some you can recycle and some you can not. Here’s our ultimate guide on how to recycle light bulbs.

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