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Top 5 Recycling Kitchen Bins

Recycling Kitchen Bins

Pedal bins have long been a popular choice in any kitchen or in the workplace. But with so many different models on the market, how do you know which one is the best buy for you? You might just find your perfect match in our top 5 recycling kitchen bin.

Why Recycling Kitchen Bins Are A Home Essential

Bins aren’t the most hygienic of things. One of the best things about having a pedal bin in your kitchen is you can dispose of your rubbish hands-free. That means you aren’t spreading any germs around your home or office. Add to that the fact they have soft closing lids and they’re easy to clean and empty. You can see why pedal bins are a kitchen essential. But how do you go about choosing your perfect bin?

Our Top 5 Recycling Kitchen Bins

Top Affordable Recycling Kitchen Bin

Hailo Trento Oko 2 Compartment Pedal Bin

Who says affordable can’t be stylish? Available in six colours, this rectangular kitchen bin is a popular choice for homes and offices. Made from corrosion-resistant steel, this bin looks the part, and it helps make waste separation easier too.

Its two removable inner liners are colour-coded so everyone knows what waste streams they can put in each compartment.

Top Stylish Recycling Kitchen Bin

Hailo Trento Oko 3 Compartment Pedal Bin

Think stylish isn’t a word you’d associate with bins? Think again. This kitchen bin is one of our most sought-after bins for the home. It comes in a choice of attractive colours to complement any colour scheme. Not only that, it has three colour-coded caddies to help you separate recyclable, general waste and biodegradable waste. Style and substance in one space-saving kitchen bin.

Top Space-Saving Recycling Kitchen Bin

Stackable Recycling Container

For kitchens and offices with limited floor space, this bin is the perfect waste and recycling solution. It allows you to stack bins neatly on top of each other, this allows you to easily segregate your waste, keeping your kitchen sides nice and tidy!

Top Family Recycling Kitchen Bin

EcoCasa II Foot Pedal 36+24 Litre Recycling Bin

Got a large family and feel like you’re forever making trips to your outdoor bin? This recycling bin is for you. With a whopping 60-litre capacity, this is a great choice for large-family homes. Its brushed stainless steel shell has a fingerprint-proof coating. This means it will stay looking great, even in the busiest of homes. Inside this bin, you’ll find two removable plastic liners; one 24-litre and one 36-litre for separating general waste from recyclables.

Top Office Recycling Kitchen Bin

EcoCasa II Foot Pedal 2x20 Litre Recycling Bin

Have you got the job of buying pedal bins for the office? Your search for the perfect bin might just be over. This bin is compact yet has a generous capacity. It includes two 20-litre inner compartments for waste and recyclables. Its silent-closing lid means there’ll be no crashing bin lid disturbing people’s work. This bin also looks great, with its brushed stainless steel shell and fingerprint-proof coating. Add to that recessed carry handles and smart black detailing and you have a bin you won’t need to hide from clients.

What To Consider When Buying

How Much Space You Have

The most important thing to consider when you are buying a recycling kitchen bin is what space you have available, kitchens are never the largest of spaces. This means that you will need a bin that fits in your kitchen and still allows you to move around and cook.

How Many Waste Streams

Next, how many waste streams do you need in your bin? Everyone knows recycling is important, but how many streams do you need to segregate your waste into? Many households can only have a bin that holds two waste streams (General Waste and Mixed Recycling) but we have some bins that can house three streams (General Waste, Plastic Recycling and Glass Recycling). If you need more than three waste streams then stackable recycling bins are a great option for your house, they take up limited floor space and look great!

Are You On The Lookout For Bins?

Hopefully, you’ve found your perfect kitchen bin in our top 5. However, if you need a little more help and inspiration, just get in touch with our friendly sales team who will be more than happy to help. For more interesting articles on all things bins, waste, and recycling, check out the rest of our blog.

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