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Vape Recycling Bins: Rules Update

Vape Recycling Bins: Rules Update

Disposable vapes recently hit the headlines as the government announced a ban, set to come into force in late 2024 or early 2025. Non-disposable vapes will still be available however. Because of their negative environmental impact, you need to know what to do with them at the end of their life. Spoiler: it involves vape recycling bins.

The problem with vapes

The aim of the ban is to curb youth vaping. As part of it, there will be measures to make non-disposable vapes less visible and attractive to children. However, there is another issue the ban will help remedy; the environmental impact of disposable vapes.

Five million are thrown away each week in the UK which is the equivalent of eight vapes every second. They end up in landfill and so does the lithium from their batteries as well as toxic nickel, cobalt, and harmful solvents. This is not only harmful it’s also a waste of resources. Researchers from University College London and Oxford University found that despite being sold as disposable, the batteries in single-use vapes can be recharged over 450 times.

Discarded vapes are also a fire hazard. The not-for-profit organisation Materials Focus points out that lithium-ion batteries become flammable when crushed. So you should definitely not put them in a recycling or general waste bin.

The organisation called for more information to be made available on how the public can recycle them, as well as the installation of vape recycling bins in public places.

The need for this is stark, with a YouGov survey highlighting that 73% of vape users throw vapes in the bin. More than half said they would be more likely to recycle if there were recycling points in places such as supermarkets.

How to recycle vape batteries

If you dispose of vapes incorrectly, they can get crushed and start fires in bin lorries or recycling centres. Never dispose of vapes in your general waste or recycling bin. Either put them in dedicated vape recycling bins or take them to a household waste recycling centre where you will be able to recycle them with other small electricals.

Our vape recycling bins

Our vape recycling bins are a perfect choice for schools, supermarkets, and any business wanting to help tackle the problem of battery waste. Made from hardwearing 100% recyclable plastic and customisable with signage, these bins will more than meet your needs. You can recycle all types of batteries in these bins too, not just vape ones.

Invest in these bins and you’ll help people make the right choice when it comes to disposing of batteries. No longer will they be consigned to the bin or that drawer at home.

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