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Dear Recycling Bins: Eco-Friendly Living

Welcome to our weekly advice column where we look at all things recycling and give you the answers you’re desperately seeking. This week we provide some money-saving advice to help you live an eco-friendly life...

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Short on Space? Invest in a Smart Space-Saving Recycling Bin

If you don’t have the space for recycling, it can be tempting to just put everything in your household waste bin where it will end up in the landfill. But don’t get disheartened, there are ways that you can recycle more, even when you don’t have a lot of space...

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How to Look After Your Food Waste Caddy

So you’ve invested in a food waste bin for your kitchen, so no more of your leftovers are going to landfill. This is great news, since the UK wastes more than 10 billion tonnes of food each year which could be recycled or composted.

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How Healthy is Your Bathroom Recycling Routine?

It seems like we read headlines on plastic pollution and global warming almost every day. We might think we’re doing our bit by recycling, and while you might religiously rinse out and recycle your tins of beans and your plastic bottles, what about the products you use in your bathroom?

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Recycling Plastic Bottles? Don’t Forget the Lid

Things can get confusing when it comes to recycling. Can you recycle yoghurt pots, pizza boxes, and foil? Should you put the lids on jars and bottles when you put them in the recycling? Well when it comes to plastic bottles, the answer is yes.

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Is Recycling Properly Just Wishful Thinking?

Recycling experts are saying that a lot of unrecyclable material is getting put in to recycling bins which is then driving the cost up during the recycling process.  This was shown when China banned the importation of plastic waste, because they were receiving so many loads that were contaminated.

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How To Teach Kids About Recycling

If we teach kids how to recycle and how to take care of the planet, they will carry it with them into the future and help preserve the earth and it's resources.  This article has compiled together some easy and fun ways to teach kids about recycling.

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Things You Should Never Put in Your Recycling Bin

Everyone should be trying to recycle as much as they can but in some instances what do we do with certain items like lightbulbs and packing peanuts, we have produced a mini guide on what to do with some of these items.

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The Good Recycling Guide

The government has big recycling ambitions for this country, but it does not tell councils how they can be met.  Over the country the recycling services provided by the local council differ widely for many different reasons.  

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The 5 Best Value Recycling Bins for Schools

School often have restricted budgets when buying recycling bins, so we have compiled a list of the top 5 value for money bins that are ideal for schools.  

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