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Things You Should Never Put in Your Recycling Bin

Things You Should Never Put in Your Recycling Bin

Things You Should Never Put in Your Recycling Bin

You might feel like you try your best to recycle the right things whenever you can, then one day, you go to put your recyclables out for collection and you’re stumped. Where do you put the lightbulb that blew or the glass that smashed? Can you put it in the recycling? Well we can answer these questions for you, with our guide to the things you should never put in your recycling bin.


Energy saving lightbulbs should be taken to a designated recycling centre. They shouldn’t be put in with glass recycling as they contain metal parts. Older incandescent bulbs should be put in with general waste as they can’t be recycled.



Pyrex is usually treated to help it withstand high oven temperatures, so it can’t be recycled with ordinary glass. Wrap it up in newspaper or tissue then put in in with your general waste.


Ceramics can’t be melted for recycling so before you discard them, think about donating them to charity if they’re in good condition. If they aren’t, take them to a recycling centre where they can be crushed down for concrete or gravel.

Packing peanuts

Not many recycling centres will take these, so your best bet is to reuse them when you send a package. You can also donate them to companies who ship goods.


Mirrors have a reflective coating that makes them harder to recycle. If the mirror is in good condition, sell it or donate it to a charity shop. If it’s broken, wrap it carefully and put it in with your general waste.

Bubble wrap

Many kerbside collection programmes won’t accept bubble wrap, so your best bet is to reuse it for packing or storage.

Bubble wrap

Pizza boxes

Cardboard is widely recycled, but greasy pizza boxes aren’t because it’s very difficult to separate the carboard fibres from the oils in the greasy stains. If you want to recycle the box, remove the greasy parts first.


CDs are made from a mix of metals, plastics, and other materials so they can be difficult to recycle. Try donating them to a charity shop, selling them, or trading them in for cash.


Electronic equipment contains hazardous materials like mercury and lead, so it must be disposed of at a designated place. If it’s in good condition, donate it to a charity shop, a second hand shop, or list it on eBay.

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