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Should I Buy More Bins or Larger Bins For My Office?

more bins or larger bins

For businesses, the more waste you create, the higher your waste management costs will be. Waste management bills can be anything from several hundred pounds to tens of thousands. To cut costs and run a greener operation, you might invest in office recycling bins. But should you opt for more bins or larger bins for your office space?

Should I opt for more bins or buy larger bins for my office?

The answer to this depends on a few things, namely the size and layout of your office and how much waste you generate.

While larger bins have more capacity, more recycling bins will allow you to separate different waste streams at source. It all depends on what would work best in your office environment.

Office recycling bins: Things to consider

The available space in your office

How much space do you have available for bins? Is the space more suited to fewer, bigger bins, or more bins that are strategically placed for easier recycling?

The type and volume of waste you generate

Knowing the types of waste you generate can help you prioritise office recycling bins for those waste streams. For example, you may generate a lot of paper waste in the offices themselves but in the canteen, the main waste might be food/drinks packaging.

What’s the solution?

Instead of having individual recycling bins, why not invest in a recycling station? Here are the benefits.

A recycling station is completely customisable

You can design your own recycling station around the waste streams you want to prioritise. For example:

  • In offices, you may want a three bin station. One for paper, one for dry mixed recycling, and one for general waste.
  • In the canteen, you may want bins for food waste, plastic, drinks cans, paper and cardboard, and general waste.

When you are putting together your recycling station, you can also design it to suit the look of your office. Our recycling stations are customisable for your space. From colour coding to stickers and even your logo, they are a stylish and complementary addition to any workplace.

Recycling stations make recycling easy

This should be the number one job of your office recycling bins; making recycling easier for staff. Locate recycling stations for the most common waste streams in high footfall areas and you’ll do just that. We already mentioned stickers and colour coding that indicate which waste stream goes where. With recycling stations, you can create a recycling hub that’s convenient and just right for your office.

Want a workplace recycling solution that meets your needs?

Every workplace is different. That’s why investing in a customisable waste management solution like a recycling station just makes sense. Need a space-saving recycling station? Or are you more interested in a minimal design that looks the part? Either way, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our range. Choose from a range of colours, styles, and waste streams, and you can even have your logo on the bins. Want office recycling bins that are easy to clean and convenient to use? Start building your perfect recycling station today.

Need advice on creating the ideal recycling station for your office environment? For more interesting articles on workplace recycling, check out the rest of our blog.

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