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A Case of Recycle Obsession

I have a friend once who is absolutely enamoured with the concept of recycling. Why, you would have thought that she had joined a religious cult. She approached recycling with the kind of overzealous approach one would expect from a fanatic. Her every waking moment was literally consumed with the concept of recycling.

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Microsoft Learn Where To Put Recycling Bins The Hard Way

Proper recycling has become an important and universal aspect of every home. As recycling has become more and more easy and convenient, greater pushes have been made to be able to recycle more and throw away less. 

While our homes have gotten better at recycling, our businesses are improving more slowly. It is imperative that we begin to understand how businesses of every shape and size can do more to contribute to the collective efforts to be greener.

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What Can Be Recycled In Your Local Area?

It’s shocking how much can be recycled but isn’t. A London-based group, Wastewatch.org, found in a study that households in the UK are recycling more than 20 per cent of their rubbish on average. This figure sounds OK until you realise that over 60 per cent of what we throw away is actually recyclable material. Basic awareness and campaigns of what can actually be recycled from within our households will dramatically bump up that percentage. Recycling is easy, convenient, and more people will if they know exactly what can be taken out of the rubbish bin.

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10 Reasons why your Business Should Recycle

With landfill sites under more and more strain by the day, we're all now encouraged to take an active role in recycling. From big businesses to the humble homeowner, recycling our waste is becoming crucial to the future of our planet.

But, why should busy companies spend time and money on recycling their waste? Is it really worth it?

We've put together 10 of the best reasons why ALL businesses should have a comprehensive recycling policy at the top of their agenda.

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