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Recycling Around the World

Why It’s Important to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce, reuse, recycle. It’s more than a mantra, it’s what we need to do to slow down the frightening pace of climate change.

The recent IPCC report on climate change was a ‘code red for humanity.’ It stated that human activity is changing the climate in unprecedented and sometimes irreversible ways. It warned of the impact of doing nothing, from extreme heat waves to droughts and flooding. But it also offered some hope. If we cut greenhouse gas emissions, it could stabilise global temperatures. But we have to act now.

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Festival Litter: Summer Rubbish Roundup

When the festival last took place in 2019, there was litter lying on the site for over a week. The organisers said they would introduce incentives to tackle the problem of festival litter. This year, all camping tickets included a £5 refundable ‘litter bond’. 

Festival-goers could get it back if they filled up a bin bag with litter before they left. As a result, people collected two industrial-sized skips worth of rubbish.

A local charity, Mandalay Wellbeing, also got involved, collecting discarded tents for vulnerable people.

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What Can Be recycled? 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Recycle

The current UK recycling rate is hovering around 45%. While this is not bad, we could do better. However, even the avid recyclers among you will admit that you sometimes struggle to work out what can be recycled. It turns out that you can recycle more than you think, and some of the items might surprise you. Here are 10 things you didn’t know you could recycle.

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Greenest Cities: Adelaide, Australia

When it comes to sustainable living, some cities just lead the way. Adelaide in Australia is no exception. One of Australia’s greenest cities, it's home to 50% of South Australia’s native plant species as well as 75% of the native birds. Because of its natural resources, Adelaide is in an area designated as a Natural Resource Management Region. Here’s how it’s become one of the world’s greenest cities.

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Recycling Around the World A-Z: Zimbabwe

The final stop in our Recycling Around the World Series, Zimbabwe.  Zimbabwe has always had a problem with litter, rubbish is just left by the side of the road and frequently thrown from cars, mainly because they have a lack of an effective waste management and a lack of understanding on the residents part.  

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Recycling Around the World A-Z: Yemen

Yemen is a fairly new state, created in the 1990's it has always had trouble with conflict and instability.  Yemen has a unique challenge is waste management with only a few contractors that can recycle waste and the inherent problems with the transportation of waste over long distances with the desert environment.  

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Recycling Around the World A-Z: Western Samoa

The Samoa Islands are fealing with a growing problem of junk cars and plastic bottles, they do have recycling companies in operation but they do not have the machinery to deal with large volumes especially when it comes to industrial waste.  

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Recycling Around the World A-Z: Venezuela

Waste used to be a huge problem in the country, the main method of choice for disposal for many people were open garbage pits, poor people used to go to the pits and try to salvage materials to sell.  Within a year of a waste plant opening 60 new jobs were created and 600,000 people now live in safer conditions and in more sanitary conditions.  

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Recycling Around the World A-Z: Ukraine

Coming to the business end of this series, stopping off in Ukraine, their waste management series broke down just after the Soviet Union collapsed, this rose the amount of waste generated up to 40% across the country.  There were plans in place by 2018 for plants to process 1.2 million tonnes of waste per year, these were cancelled or put on hold indefinitely.

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Recycling Around the World A-Z : Turkey

Turkey started recycling quite late compared to other European countries, by 2012 they had over 500 waste management facilities aimed at recycling, but only 38% is recycled with 39% ending up in landfill.  

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