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Dear Recycling Bins: How Can We Still Celebrate Halloween but Still be Eco Friendly

Dear Recycling Bins: How Can We Still Celebrate Halloween but Still be Eco Friendly

Dear recycling bins: Your Recycling Advice Column

Dear recycling bins,

As we all know, Halloween is going to look very different this year because of the pandemic. I won’t be taking the kids trick or treating and we won’t be mixing at parties, but we do still want to have some Halloween fun at home. However, I don’t want to do what we normally do and end up with loads of waste after the night is over.

What I’d like to know is do you have any suggestions on how I can celebrate Halloween at home and keep things eco-friendly?

Thank you for your question!

You’re definitely right, Halloween 2020 will have quite a different feel in some ways, but it doesn’t mean you can’t still have some eco-friendly fun at home. Here’s how.

Carve some pumpkins and make some tasty food from the filling!

Carving a scary face into a pumpkin is a Halloween must. Instead of throwing it away once Halloween is over, save it to make some delicious food for the family like some warming pumpkin soup.

Delicious Pumpkin Food

Use your recyclables and make some Halloween crafts

If the kids are disappointed at not being able to celebrate Halloween as they usually would, get them into the spirit of things (pardon the pun) by digging out some craft supplies plus some of your recyclables and doing some Halloween crafts. This can be a really fun thing for the family to do together.

Relax in front of a scary movie

What better way to celebrate Halloween and have some quality family time than getting cosy in front of a scary movie? (don’t choose anything too scary for the kids!). Instead of snacking on individually-wrapped snacks and sweets, why not make your own popcorn, cookies, and cupcakes? You can have fun making them together and you’ll create far less waste.

Recycle your Halloween costumes or make your own

Instead of buying costumes and accessories that are made from plastic, cut down on plastic and packaging waste by having a rummage through old Halloween costumes and re-working them, or, with a sewing machine and plenty of imagination, you can make your own.

Recycled Halloween Costume

Decorate your home-sustainably

It wouldn’t be Halloween without some strategically-placed bats, ghosts, and spider webs around the house. Make your own decorations instead of buying lots of plastic items that you’ll most likely just throw away.

Have a virtual Halloween party

Even if you can’t get together and party in person this year, you can always have a virtual party with your family and friends. The best part is there’s no hard work or clearing up involved for you as the host, and you won’t create any excess waste. Dress up, get some drinks and snacks ready, and play some fun Halloween games.

It’s been a strange year, 2020, and while Halloween won’t be quite the same, you can still have lots of eco-friendly fun at home. So get carving your pumpkin, and start practicing your baking and crafting before the big night. Happy Halloween!

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