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Benefits of Business Recycling in the UK

Benefits of Business Recycling in the UK

Benefits of Business Recycling in the UK

Whilst many businesses in the UK are now running fully operational and cost-effective recycling systems, there are still plenty who wince at the very sound of the word, 'recycling' and aren't open to the real benefits of business recycling at this present moment in time.

Business recycling isn't simply about doing your bit for the environment. There are a whole host of reasons why your business should be recycling waste material.


The environmental benefits of business recycling are substantial and with pressure on landfill sites growing day-by-day, the reuse of paper, plastics cans and bottle is going to be vital to the future of the planet. Businesses should be especially aware when disposing of computer hardware, which if sent to landfill can break down and release potentially harmful lead into local water supplies.


The culture of your work place could improve immeasurably when you put a business recycling system in place. Staff who are used to recycling at home may not be happy that they have no dedicated recycling station at work, whilst staff who do not recycle at home could learn the benefits of business recycling and take those lessons home with them.

The Law

Staying on the right side of the law has to be a great benefit of business recycling in anybody's book. The government have put rules, regulations recommendations and legislation in place to ensure that business are not sending too much waste to landfill.


An effective recycling system could actually be more financially beneficial to your business than landfill disposal. Taxes on waste going to landfill are rising all the time and with the recycling issue firmly on the agenda the government, those costs aren't going to start falling anytime soon.

You might not realise that there are businesses out there who will pay for your recyclable waste. Sell your waste paper, cardboard metal and plastic and put yourself on the right path towards recycling profit.

Don't forget, recycling is a circular process and the benefits of business recycling are to be had at both ends of the process. Purchasing recycled products, like paper can also help to save money and ensure you become a 'greener' business throughout.

Office Hygiene

Finally, one of the more practical benefits of office recycling is the order and cleanliness a recycling system can provide. With different receptacles for different materials, things stay much more orderly and over-spilling office bins spreading nasty aromas through the office, should quickly become a thing of the past.

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