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How To Understand The Recycling Advice On Packaging

How To Understand The Recycling Advice On Packaging

How to Understand the Recycling Advice on Packaging

Understanding what recycling labels mean really matters. If this information becomes common knowledge, more people will recycle on a regular basis. Importantly, even for those who know these labels, being fully aware of them allows us to be considerate in the methods we use to recycle, and how often we properly dispose of our waste. This article briefly describes the different recycling and thoughtful disposal labels found on our goods and in our day-to-day activities and what they mean.

The green dot:
The green dot does not necessarily mean the packaging or item can be recycled. However, it does symbolise that the producer and manufacturer of the product will contribute to the costs of recovery and recycling the item at base.

Plastics logo: This logo will often be found on many items in your home or office. The logo symbolises the type of plastic used. PET and HPDE bottles are recyclable.

Glass icon: This icon is commonly seen on items you’ll purchase on a day-to-day basis. The symbol means that the item at hand is recyclable, and reminds consumers that it should be placed when finished in the correct bin.

Mobius loop: The image, like the plastics logo, symbolises that the item is and should be recycled. However, the logo does not specify whether or how much of the materials come from recycled material.

Mobius loop with percentage: Like the former icon, this logo indicates that the item is recyclable. However, unlike the former, the sign will indicate what percentage of the product comes from recycled materials. These items are excellent for those who are conscious of how much of their goods and services come from environmentally-friendly manufacturers.

Paper: This icon is more of a stamp of good environmentalism. Awarded by the National Association of Paper Merchants, it is only allowed on products whose materials consist of 75 per cent or more of genuine waste paper or board fibre.

Wood: The icon delineates good stewardship and practices of wood manufacturing companies. Products with this logo contain wood from well-managed forests. The Forest Stewardship Council awards the icon independently.

Tidy man: A symbol you may see but not necessarily notice during your day-to-day activities. The symbol reminds individuals to please dispose of waste considerately and refrain from littering.

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