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Why you Should Segregate your waste

Why you Should Segregate your waste

Why You Should Segregate Your Waste

What is a segregated bin?

It’s a bin that’s divided into at least two internal compartments, allowing you to quite literally segregate your waste. As with many of our ranges, segregated bins come in all shapes and sizes.

Why use a segregated bin?

It makes waste management much simpler and efficient, allowing you to keep your recyclables separate from your general rubbish at all times. There are also models that are ideal for composting.

Are they easy to empty?

Each bin has its own individual design, but we only stock products that are easy to use and make waste management a doddle, whether it be at home, the workplace, schools, hospitals or even outdoors.

How big are they?

There are all different types to choose from. You might go for a slim open-top executive recycling bin for use in the office, made from stylish stainless steel and with two 10-litre containers sealed inside. Or perhaps you’re looking for an ideal solution for a busy kitchen, in which case a 43-litre pedal-operated bin with a whopping five compartments will help you to keep everything clean and tidy whilst the pasta is heating up.

What other types are there?

All sorts! We have outdoor bins that are perfect for communal areas and car parks; an eco bottle bin that includes a five-litre flask for collecting unwanted liquids; and even a 200-litre capacity monster with two internal liners that can be used any way you wish.

Are they suitable for every workplace?

Absolutely! Any place where waste is generated will benefit from a segregated bin. From offices and staff rooms to corridors and reception areas, you’ll be making waste management and recycling as easy as possible for your staff and visitors.

Are they suitable for families?

They couldn’t be more suitable. Segregated bins encourage children to understand the importance of recycling and dispose of waste properly. Plus if you choose a colour-coded model there’s no excuse for them to not use it properly!

Are they expensive?

Similar to all of our ranges, they vary greatly in price according to capacity and style. However, they all benefit from our free shipping, lowest price guarantee and multiple product discount.

Which one would you recommend?

Oh, we couldn’t possibly choose for you! Take a look for yourself and find the segregated bin that’s right for you. We guarantee that within minutes of arriving, it will have paid for itself

What are the advantages of using segregated bins?

Getting into the recycling habit can be quite difficult to begin with. It’s easy enough in principle of course, but you have to work out which bins you need in your kitchen first – and where to put them.

Space is the first thing on many peoples’ minds and rightly so. Few of us have enough space to warrant positioning a series of bins all the way along one wall. However there are alternatives and one of the smartest is to use segregated bins. These are single bins that are divided into sections to make it easier to recycle a variety of things all at once.

Let’s focus on some of the main advantages of using bins like these in your kitchen.

You can get the pedal bin you want and still be able to recycle

Most of us like the pedal bin option but trying to find room for two or more of them is virtually impossible. This is why you can buy pedal bins that hide two or three compartments inside them. With a single lid that lifts when you depress the pedal, you can throw your rubbish away in the normal manner straight into the appropriate area of the bin.

These bins are highly practical because they have separate inner bins that can easily be removed. You can easily put a bin liner in each one if need be, to prevent the bin itself from getting dirty. If you are merely throwing away dry items you can pop the rubbish straight into the correct inner bin and then empty it into your outside bin whenever it fills up. This works well for paper and cardboard, as well as for dried and washed glass and cans.

But perhaps the best thing about the all-in-one pedal bin is the fact that you have just one bin positioned in the chosen spot in your kitchen. This is ideal for many people to manage.

They still come in several sizes

You may think you are limited in terms of size when it comes to finding a segregated bin that will look good and also take all your rubbish. However this isn’t the case. You can purchase executive recycling bins that take 20 litres in total across two bin inserts. These are ideal for office locations where you wish to introduce recycling.

Another great example of just how versatile a segregated recycling bin can be is the 43 litre pedal operated bin that has no fewer than five different compartments. There are two large ones taking 16 litres each, one that takes 10 litres and two others that take half a litre each. This enables you to recycle all manner of things from paper to glass and even food recycling all in the one bin, and yet you can still keep everything separated just as you need to do. Again, this example has five separate bins, each of which can be lifted out and emptied separately whenever the need arises to do so.

Yet another option is for general waste and kitchen waste, both of which can be discarded into the appropriate parts of a single bin. The main part of the bin is able to take no fewer than 75 litres of rubbish, so it is ideal for families. The smaller section takes five litres and is intended for all food waste. If you don’t have a composter you might find this invaluable. Indeed even if you do compost much of your own fruit and vegetable peelings, coffee grounds, eggshells and teabags, you may still have other cooked foods, bones and non-edible food items that need to be thrown away. This bin solution would be ideal in this situation, providing you with an easy-to-remove caddy for food waste to transfer outside on collection day.

Larger segregated bins are also ideal for exterior locations and those where many people congregate

You’ve probably seen various types of bins in public places of all kinds – parks, zoos and other public attractions. These used to be single bins but since the drive to recycle more of our rubbish came about, these too have undergone a transformation.

If you are responsible for purchasing bins for locations such as these, where there is likely to be a lot of discarded rubbish on a daily basis, segregated bins make a lot of sense. There are several options available too. Take the generously-proportioned 75 litre bottle bank for example. There are several great options available with this. You can purchase an additional stand to go with it, not to mention an additional flask that fits inside, encouraging people to empty the liquid from glass and/or plastic bottles before throwing them away.

If you’d rather have a bin that looks a little more natural, you can try the wood-look recycling bin instead. This has two compartments, each capable of taking 39 litres-worth of rubbish. For a more modern look you could always opt for the stainless steel bin – it takes the same amount of rubbish in two compartments but it offers a more streamlined, slimmer look.

Why would you buy a segregated bin?

As you can see there are many more segregated rubbish bins around than you might think. This is great news for you because it doesn’t matter whether you need the bin for your own kitchen or for the play centre you’re in charge of. Either way, you can look for the most appropriate solution in your case.

As far as your home life is concerned, this is a superb opportunity to manage your recycling in the best possible way. You can do it without cluttering up your kitchen or struggling to manage recycling things on a daily basis. We all want to recycle as much as we can but sometimes it seems as if we’re forced to introduce dozens of bins into our lives to do it. Even if that is an exaggeration it certainly feels that way sometimes. Segregated bins make life much easier and keep things tidy on the outside as well as allowing us to separate everything at the point of throwing it away.

Take a fresh look at your kitchen or your workplace now. Regardless of how big or small it might be, you will undoubtedly find you have room for this kind of bin somewhere nearby. How would it fit into your life and how much easier would it be to do your bit for recycling as a result of having one? Now you’ve read this article through to its conclusion you know the answers – and how much easier recycling things will be as a result.

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