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Top 10 School Recycling Bins

School Recycling Bins

School recycling bins play a huge part in reducing waste. With just over 32,000 schools in the UK, there’s a lot of waste to deal with. However investing in recycling bins for your school doesn’t just help the planet. It keeps your waste disposal costs down.

Our Top 10 School Recycling Bins

We've got handy indoor recycling stations to novelty outdoor bins that make recycling fun. Here’s our rundown of the top 10 school recycling bins.

  1. Hooded Outdoor Waste Container

Looking for a general school recycling bin for different waste streams? Look no further. This bin is available in five different colours so you can have a different colour for each type of waste. Fed up of plastic bottles and drinks cans littering your school grounds? Invest in a different coloured bin for each. Problem solved.

And there’s a bonus. This school recycling bin is made from 100% recycled polyethene. Your school’s green credentials just got better.

  1. Robust External Recycling Waste Containers

These bins come in 4 colours and they’re suitable for general waste, recycling, and PPE. Just customise your bin with the stickers to signal what it’s for. Are teachers and pupils wearing PPE around the school building and grounds? You’d rather they went in an appropriate bin than in the recycling or on the ground.

  1. 90 Litre Drinks Can Recycling Bin

There’s no denying it, these school recycling bins look far cooler than your average bin. From bold blackboard style graphics to a stop-you-in-your-tracks design, there’s no better way to remind everyone to recycle. Novelty bins aren’t a gimmick. If you want to increase recycling in your school, they really work.

  1. 52 Litre Fun Pencil Recycling Bin

Speaking of novelty bins, these pencil recycling bins will make recycling fun for kids. Coloured pencils are synonymous with school. Hopefully, thanks to these colourful bins, recycling will be too.

  1. Large Durable Open Top Recycling Bin with Recycling Sticker

Research has shown that people are far more likely to recycle when it’s convenient. Just put these school recycling bins in high-traffic areas and watch your recycling rates go up. Though it has a 90-litre capacity, its slim profile means you can install it in narrow corridors or walkways. It’s also made from wipe-clean plastic which is a bonus because, you know, kids.

  1. 50 Litre Recycling Bin with Colour Coded Lids

If you need indoor school recycling bins but you’re looking for a smaller option, here it is. These bins still have a generous capacity and they’re suitable for all waste streams. Just choose your colour-coded lids and recycling stickers and you’re good to go.

  1. Zeus 3 Bay Recycling Station

Recycling on the go has never been easier for teachers and pupils. This 3 in 1 recycling station is customisable with your school logo. You can also choose what waste streams you want to collect. Say goodbye to overflowing bins and rubbish on your school grounds.

  1. Zeus 2 Bay Recycling Station

Don’t quite need an indoor 3-in-1 recycling station for your school? No problem, we do a best-selling two station one too. As school recycling bins go, it’s a handy way of separating general waste and recyclable waste. Banish recyclable plastic bottles and drinks cans from your litter bins once and for all.

  1. Triple Wood Recycling Bin

This outdoor recycling station enhances the look of your school grounds and boosts your environmental credentials. Encourages recycling? Check. Includes timber slats made from FSC wood? Check. If you want to improve sustainability at your school, this one’s a winner.

  1. Metro Recycling Bin

Want to wage war on plastic or something else in the school canteen or the staff room? This school recycling bin is a great choice. Choose from apertures for mixed recycling, paper, or plastics. It’s a durable bin with a generous capacity. Its streamlined design also means that its suitable for even the most space-restricted areas.

Whatever kind of school recycling bins you need for your site, there’s something for you in our range to get everyone recycling more. Time to inspire the next generation to protect the planet.

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