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4 Top bins to Promote Recycling in Your Home

4 Top bins to Promote Recycling in Your Home

                         4 Top Bins to Promote Recycling in Your Home

If you have been looking to promote recycling within your home, how would you go about doing it? One of the important factors for going green is to add recycling bins within the home which can educate children on how to do their bit for the environment.

Depending on the style of bin you are looking for, here are a few options:

1. Hailo 2 Compartment 30 Litre Pedal Bin

The Hailo 2 is the perfect option for those looking for a stylish, contemporary option. Made from stainless steel, it would be suitable for any kitchen without looking out of place. You can choose from either silver, black or red dependant on your décor choice. Inside, locates too inner buckets to filter everyday rubbish and recycling; or perhaps two different recycling products. It really is up to you. There is a wide pedal, meaning that there is no need to touch the bin to dispose of rubbish.

2. 45 Litre Recycling Bin with Hinged Lid

If you are looking for a compact and functional option, this choice would be perfect to place in the kitchen, utility and even the garage. The bins can be stacked up when not in use, therefore the benefit is that they don’t take up a great deal of room. Each bin comes with a number of stickers, so you can choose whatever material you hope to recycle. There is a 45 litre compacity within each bin and is extremely easy to clean due to being plastic.

3. MyBin Classic Set of 5 Cardboard Bins With Liners

If you are looking for a cheap and cheerful fun option to educate your kids, why not choose this option? For only £34.50 for the set, you can add your own variants and have your very own indoor recycling station! Although this set is made from cardboard, they are extremely long-lasting and come with heavy duty liners to prevent spillages. By having a bin for each material, children can learn how to recycle efficiently and train themselves into ‘going green’ from a young age.  Due to the fact that they are only made from cardboard, there is no commitment to keep the bins in your home. If you think your recycling plan isn’t going too well and you would prefer to carry on at a later stage, you can dispose of them by recycling them! It really is that simple!


4. Coloured Outdoor Plastic Dustbin 110 Litres

If you are looking for an outdoor option, this set of bins will also be popular with the kids.  Each bin comes in a bright colour, with options including yellow, lilac, green, pink, blue and red. They really will cheer up your garden and are a great replacement for an ordinary black bin. The fact that they are heavy-duty means that they will last for years to come, so there is no need to worry about replacements in the near future.

If you would like any more information on purchasing your very own recycling bins, please contact us today at recyclingbins.co.uk or call us on 01684 292727. 

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