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UK Recycling Law

UK Recycling Law

UK Recycling Laws


There are many laws surrounding the act of recycling in the UK. There is approximately 228 million tonnes of waste produced each year. This figure is quite shocking when it is considered how small a continent the UK is in comparison to other countries.

You may not be aware, but there are currently no specific recycling laws within the UK. Although the government frequently tries to raise awareness, there is no-one slamming down the law for citizens to recycle with care. This may seem shocking in relation to how much waste is produced on an annual basis.

UK Recycling Law

So, due to the fact there is no law to recycle, what laws are in place?

Don’t recycle things which aren’t supposed to be

If you believe a certain item is supposed to be recycled, always check first. You may be wrong. It is in fact the law not to recycle items which aren’t supposed to be recycled.  The reason behind this is because it will take valuable time to separate these items from the waste and contradicts the whole act of doing it in the first place. Also, waste which is disposed of alongside recyclables may ruin these items and prevent them from becoming recycled. Always ensure you are recycling your items correctly to prevent breaking the law.


Waste recycling programme

The UK has come up with a plan to get the amount of waste disposed of under control. If this wasn’t the case, waste management would be almost non-existent. The reason behind a programme such as this is to cut down on the number of new products being made and instead, creating new products out of recycled materials.

Have you ever wondered about what to do if you have old electrics? Often people have no idea what to do with them and resort to throwing them onto a tip.  Disposing of them in this manner will just build up a ridiculous amount of waste which won’t decompose and can have detrimental effects on the environment. Companies will now collect your items and recycle them, so the responsibility is taken off your hands. One of the great aspects of the recycling of electronics, is that many of the parts can be used again and again.

It is not just homes which are targeted to recycle, but also businesses who produces far more waste than any usual household. In order for businesses to become environmentally friendly, the government is now cracking down on how waste is being managed within companies. There are strict rules set in place as to the amount of waste which is produced and how they can manage that waste effectively.

If you are thinking of becoming green, why not purchase a recycling station for your home or business? We have plenty of options in all shapes, sized and usages, dependant on your preference. 

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