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What Are the Advantages of Cardboard Recycling Bins?

What Are the Advantages of Cardboard Recycling Bins?

What Are the Advantages of Cardboard Recycling Bins

What type of material do you think of when you think about choosing recycling bins? You probably instantly think of tough plastic or a metal bin – something easy to clean and wash that will last the test of time. You certainly wouldn’t think about cardboard, would you?

And yet this could prove to be the best choice for you when you are browsing through the wide selection of recycling bins available on the market today. Cardboard doesn’t have to mean short-lived; as you will see here there are many significant advantages this material brings with it if you choose this as your ideal type of recycling bin.

More bins for less money

If you need to buy several recycling bins for your needs, it can get very expensive very quickly. This is particularly true if you are buying bins for a large office space or workspace, or you need ones that are of a decent size.

When you opt for cardboard recycling bins you can buy them in a pack of five. Not only does this mean you get more bins for less cash, it also means you get a large capacity without spending lots of money. When you compare prices with other options on the market you may well find this comes out as a prime and practical solution.

Great as a temporary recycling solution

Sometimes you don’t need lots of bins around all the time. Instead you might only need them for a short time, such as for an exhibition or temporary event. In this case you need lots of bins but you don’t want to spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds on plastic bins you won’t need once the event comes to an end. By purchasing cardboard bins you can minimise the outlay for you and still get the best solution for the event you have in mind.

Although we’ve focused on the idea of these bins being temporary in nature, their construction could well mean they last longer than you think. The bins are made from tough corrugated cardboard, so they’re not unsteady or liable to fall to bits the first time you use them (quite the opposite in fact). They also benefit from having lids that are made from corrugated plastic rather than cardboard. Since this is the part of the bin that is likely to experience the most stress, this design means it will last even longer.

Ideal for interior uses

Of course, cardboard isn’t the most amenable material when it comes to the weather. As such the cardboard recycling bins are most appropriate when used indoors. Any situation that provides protection from the elements means you can look forward to a long life from the bin.

They’re also big enough to warrant being used in all kinds of indoor situations. For example we mentioned the idea of using them at events and other similar locations earlier on. You’d need a sizeable bin in this situation and these ones would be excellent. You simply have to order as many five-packs as you would need and it would take mere minutes to set them up once you take delivery of them.

They come with a variety of labels to enable recycling of different materials

Another perk about cardboard recycling bins is you can use them for all manner of rubbish. The set of five comes with a selection of stickers that are designed to be affixed to each bin. There are five options in all, for mixed recycling, cans, general waste, plastic bottles and paper. This means you can have one for each type of waste when you buy a single set of five.

However there is another bonus that comes with these stickers – namely the fact you get a pack of 25 in all, five of each design. This means you don’t have to make an initial decision on what you want to use the bins for. Let’s say for example you would like to use each bin for a different purpose. You’d begin by putting a different sticker on each one so people can determine the use of each.

Now let’s fast-forward a couple of weeks down the line. By this time you may have found the plastic bottles bin is barely getting used at all. In contrast the paper bin is filling up faster than you can empty it each day. The fact that you still have lots of sticker options left means you can add a new sticker to the plastic bottles bin to say this one is now being used for paper as well. This means you won’t need to empty the bin as often and you’ll have adjusted the use of your bins to suit your needs. The plastic bottles can always go into the mixed recycling bin to be separated later if you wish, depending on how best to go about things.

In short, the pack of labels you get with these bins enables you to take control of how you want to make the best use of them.

They can be used with a plastic liner to extend life

The way the bin lid settles onto the bin itself means you can easily use a large bin liner to protect the interior of the bin. Once the liner is in place you can fit the bin lid on top to prevent the liner from sliding down into the bin. It also means the liner cannot be seen from the outside, which makes for a very tidy and efficient appearance.

Aside from this it also cuts down on the amount of time it would take you to empty your bins. When it comes time to do this you simply need to take off the lid, place it to one side and remove the bin liner. Tie a knot in the top to prevent everything spilling out and get a fresh liner to put in the bin. Replace the lid and there you are – ready to collect more rubbish.

This can be done at the end of each day, or every other day depending on the amount of rubbish you have to collect. Every workplace and location will be different, but with a 60 litre capacity you can be sure of collecting lots of rubbish before the bin liner needs replacing.

Easy to recycle!

Let’s end with perhaps the biggest perk of all – who would say no to a bin that was easy to recycle? The idea of throwing a rubbish bin away is a strange one to many people. The fact that these bins are made from cardboard means that when they start to get worn and dented you can simply recycle them with your normal cardboard rubbish and invest in some more (if required). This is one of the reasons why they are good for temporary events where a permanent solution to collecting rubbish isn’t warranted.

As you can see there are lots of benefits to choosing cardboard recycling bins if it makes sense to do so. Why not think about your recycling needs now and see if these cardboard bins would make the most sense in your situation?

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