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Would a Recycling Kit Make Life Easier for You?

Would a Recycling Kit Make Life Easier for You?

Would a Recycling Kit Make Life Easier for You?

Did you know that around 90% of us would recycle more if it was a lot easier to do it? That’s quite amazing when you think about it. The simplicity of the task is what will make all the difference to us.

In some ways we’ve been moving in the opposite direction in recent months. Some councils have brought in countless different bins, bags and other receptacles to help us divide our rubbish more easily. But when you think about where you’re supposed to store all these bins it can actually make life a lot harder. They’re mostly designed to be stored outside. This means you either have to go out to the appropriate bin every time you have a single item to recycle, or you have to find a way of recycling things appropriately indoors first.

So what should we do? Well, you might find things get a little easier if you invest in a recycling kit. Let’s look at this idea in more detail.

What’s the idea behind a recycling kit?

The idea is to make recycling easier inside the home. As we all know, the bins our councils give us are designed to be kept outdoors. You can’t find room for all those wheelie bins and boxes to be kept in your kitchen! Even if you could (and lucky you for having a kitchen big enough to even seriously consider it) they certainly wouldn’t look too good.

The solution then is to find a way to divide up your rubbish indoors without it getting too complex or out of hand. This is where the recycling kit comes in. It takes the hard work out of trying to mix and match separate bins, which isn’t always that easy. All you have to do here is find the right kit to match your needs and place your order. That’s all there is to it.

What do you get when you invest in a recycling kit?

It depends on the specific kit you go for, but basically you’ll get a set of three bins that are designed to help you recycle as you go along. You can then transfer the contents into your exterior bins ready to be collected on your usual collection day.

One advantage of getting a kit like this is that they are available in more than one size. So for example if you live on your own you could get a set of smaller bins to use. Homes with larger families and kids would benefit from having bigger bins to use as they will fill them faster.

How to choose the best recycling bin kit for your requirements

Firstly you should consider the amount of space you have in your kitchen. If floor space is at a premium it might be worth investing in some stackable bins. These are very clever because you can stack three one on top of the other. This provides a small footprint and still enables you to divide up your rubbish as you go along. Simply consider how to use your bins and what to put in each one, and off you go.

You can even request labels with your bins so they can be clearly marked depending on what you are going to put in them. Each bin has a flip-lid that opens at the front, so none of the rubbish will be viewable. Another bonus is that you can decide whether to stack all three on top of each other or whether you want to have two on top of each other and one off to the side. You could even get two sets and have two columns of three bins if you really want to start separating more things in time for your rubbish collection.

If you have more floor space you can opt for bins that sit side by side. You have more options here so it pays to measure carefully to see what you can fit in. Some bins are small and chunky looking whereas others are taller and thinner and require less floor space. In each case though these bins are colour-coded and this makes the process of recycling different items much easier. It also makes them more attractive to fit into any kitchen or utility room.

Most of us can easily associate different colours with different kinds of recycling depending on what we are familiar with. For example you might use blue for paper and card, green for bottles and red for plastics. All you need to do is to affix the stickers you need to each bin so you can create a ready-made recycling station in your kitchen that looks good and works for you. It might take a short while to get used to it but it won’t take long.

Lids or no lids?

Some bins have lids on to keep them closed when they are not in use. For example you might get a set of bins with flip-top style lids if that’s what you prefer, or a set of bins that have lift tops. The other option is to go for a set of three bins that don’t have lids. These open top bins are ideal for clean recycling; they obviously wouldn’t be good for general rubbish. The tops of the bins are perfectly designed to offer you easy access to throw away your recycling. In fact we think you’ll probably try and get things in them from a distance to see what a good shot you are (or not)!

The point is that whichever bins you choose you can be sure of finding the perfect indoor solution to your recycling needs. Remember that fact at the start of this piece – 90% of us would recycle more if only it was a lot easier to do so. Now you know just how easy it could be with a recycling kit, you might end up making life a lot easier for yourself as well as helping the environment.

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